Information and Forms

The Jacob Edwards Library hosts an art exhibit each month to promote the creative works of artists in Southbridge and the surrounding communities. We welcome inquiries and applications from individuals and groups. The displays are viewable during regular hours:
Mon. & Thurs.: 9 am - 8 pm
Tue., Wed., & Fri.:  9 am - 5 pm
Sat.: 9 am - 1 pm (Sept. to May)

A meet and greet with the artist(s) is held on the first Thursday of the month from 6:30-7:30 pm.

The library has 10 two sided free-standing ProPanels, measuring 72”x38” to exhibit the work. Artwork must be in a finished format, preferably framed and wired for hanging; the Library provides the proper hardware for hanging on the display panels. More information can be found in the Display and Exhibit Policy.

Display and Exhibit Policy

Artist Application

Release and Indemnification Agreement

Label Template
Please email information about each piece to Jessi McCarthy in the following format:
Price or NFS (not for sale)

You will need to sign up for a free Avery account if you would like to create your own art show labels. We use Template 8464.

Current Exhibit

May 2024
Janine Laliberte
Meet & Greet, 5/2/24, SCTV YouTube


Past Exhibits

April 2024
Louise Pigott
Meet & Greet, 4/4/24, SCTV YouTube

March 2024
Women's Handwork
Meet & Greet, 3/7/24, SCTV YouTube

February 2024
The Photography of William Bullard, 1897-1917: Worcester's People of Color Community
Meet & Greet, 2/8/24, SCTV YouTube













January 2024
Watercolors by Lucinda Marie Lickver
Meet & Greet, 1/4/24, SCTV YouTube

November 2023
The Photography of Donald R. Beal
Meet & Greet, 11/2/23, SCTV YouTube

October 2023
Chosen by Bill Tremblay: The Multi-Faceted Art of Andre Juarez
Meet & Greet, 10/5/23, SCTV YouTube

September 2023
"Vulnerable/Endangered Species" by Anne Tisdell
Meet & Greet, 9/7/23, SCTV YouTube

August 2023
Eric Kalwarczyk - Eric's Aviaries
Meet & Greet, 8/3/23, SCTV YouTube








July 2023
Art Furtado
Meet & Greet, 7/6/23, SCTV YouTube

June 2023
John Polakowski
Meet & Greet, 6/1/23, SCTV YouTube

May 2023
"Origami: The Art of Paper Folding" by Yuri
Meet & Greet, 5/4/23, SCTV YouTube

April 2023
"Eclectic Expressions: An Adventure in Images" by Jim R. Wilton
Meet & Greet, 4/6/23, SCTV YouTube

March 2023
Women's Handwork
Meet & Greet, 3/2/23, Facebook Live Part 1 / Facebook Live Part 2

February 2023
Frank Morrill Presents The William Bullard Photographic Collection
Presentation, 2/2/23, SCTV YouTube

January 2023
"The Road Less Traveled" by Veronica Furst
Meet & Greet, 1/5/23, Facebook Live

November 2022
Linda Early
Meet & Greet, 11/3/22, Facebook Live

October 2022
"Keeping Summer" by Joe Smith
Meet & Greet, 10/6/22, Facebook Live

September 2022
Sam Cloutier
Meet & Greet, 9/1/22, Facebook Live

August 2022
"My Favorite Places" by Lauria Tiberii

July 2022
"Monotypes" by Maureen Ridge
Meet & Greet, 6/7/22, Facebook Live