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Current Exhibit

"Vulnerable/Endangered Species" by Anne Tisdell
Meet & Greet, 9/7/23, Facebook Live



Past Exhibits

August 2023
Eric Kalwarczyk - Eric's Aviaries
Meet & Greet, 8/3/23, YouTube








July 2023
Art Furtado
Meet & Greet, 7/6/23, Facebook Live

June 2023
John Polakowski
Meet & Greet, 6/1/23, Facebook Live

May 2023
"Origami: The Art of Paper Folding" by Yuri
Meet & Greet, 5/4/23, YouTube video (SCTV)

April 2023
"Eclectic Expressions: An Adventure in Images" by Jim R. Wilton
Meet & Greet, 4/6/23, SCTV interview 

March 2023
Women's Handwork
Meet & Greet, 3/2/23, Facebook Live Part 1 / Facebook Live Part 2

February 2023
Frank Morrill Presents The William Bullard Photographic Collection
Presentation, 2/2/23, Facebook Live

January 2023
"The Road Less Traveled" by Veronica Furst
Meet & Greet, 1/5/23, Facebook Live

November 2022
Linda Early
Meet & Greet, 11/3/22, Facebook Live

October 2022
"Keeping Summer" by Joe Smith
Meet & Greet, 10/6/22, Facebook Live

September 2022
Sam Cloutier
Meet & Greet, 9/1/22, Facebook Live

August 2022
"My Favorite Places" by Lauria Tiberii

July 2022
"Monotypes" by Maureen Ridge
Meet & Greet, 6/7/22, Facebook Live