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The Jacob Edwards Library, in conjunction with the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC), and the Massachusetts Library System (MLS), provides free access to subscription-based resources to assist patron research needs.  Below is a short outline on how you may begin your search inquiry.

When Searching for a Book or Other Requestable Items:

1. Check the CW/MARS catalog first: request item in CW/Mars catalog if found -

2. Check Commonwealth Catalog second: request item in ComCat if found:

3.  Books or other printed items published prior to 1923  may be found on websites such as:
4. Outside library catalog methods for locating and purchasing older, or out-of-print books include, but are not limited to these websites:
When Searching for Articles or Periodicals:

1. Check online databases provided by the Jacob Edwards Library - search by subject area of interest:

2. Register for an e-card from the Boston Public Library. According to the BPL's website, eCards are available to anyone who lives, resides part-time to attend school, owns property, or works in Massachusetts. Once registered, log in and search databases via subject area of interest:

3. Articles in journals or periodicals published prior to 1923 may be found in databases such as:
4. Sometimes, publishers or authors themselves make recently-created works available in full-text format on their websites in an freely-accessible way.  It is worth checking publisher's and author's websites to see if articles are available in this manner.

5. Check library catalogs when searching for items authored by government agencies. Most times, items produced by local, city, state, or federal agencies are available online.

6. If you need assistance at any point during your research, please feel free to contact the reference librarian at:


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