Jacob Edwards Library is pleased to feature the work of Doreen LaScola - a multidisciplinary artist and who is showing her Encaustics work in this online show.
Encaustics (from the Greek, “enkaustikos”, to burn in) are a type of paint, developed by the ancient Greeks, consisting of beeswax, damar resin, and pigment. The paint is applied as a molten liquid, then fused, layer by layer, with a heat source such as a blow torch or a heat gun.

In 2015, when Doreen first began exploring the qualities of encaustics to use in conjunction with mixed media assemblage, she had no idea how enthralled she would become with the medium. Even after six years, she feels she has barely begun to scratch the surface of its potential. It has qualities that continually instruct. In her opinion, encaustic is as rebellious as it is ancient and traditional. Not always being easily controlled, it can sometimes get away from the creator, yielding either disastrous or exciting and unexpected results. For Doreen, that is part of the creative adventure however she always hopes for the latter!