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Exhibitions and Displays

The Library welcomes the opportunity to provide local artists the opportunity to exhibit their works to the general public.  Exhibits include a wide range of media and content thus reflecting the diversity and the vibrancy of the artistic community in Southbridge and Central Massachusetts.

Current Exhibitions and Displays

January's Exhibit

Kim Bridgeo of Bridgefield Fiberworks

Sprinkles scarf
Kim Bridgeo. "Rainbow Sprinkles." 
2019. Knit Scarf. Hand-knit scarf with colorful stripes made from cashmere and merino wool. $40

The Jacob Edwards Library is pleased to host artist Kim Bridgeo of Bridgefield Fiberworks for the January 2021 virtual art exhibition. 

Kim taught herself to knit a little over a decade ago and what began as a new hobby quickly turned into a small business called Bridgefield Fiberworks. After a few years of teaching knitting, she started designing her own knitting patterns and creating custom accessories. Over the last few years, Kim has expanded her fiber business to include weaving, hand-dyed yarn, and most recently creating items from her own hand-drawn illustrations. Kim's work can be purchased online, at local craft fairs and by custom order.  Born and raised in Southbridge, Kim now resides in Wilmington, MA with her husband Ben. 

Instagram: @bridgefieldfiberworks

This exhibition will be available in digital format at the Library's Facebook page.

Upcoming Exhibitions

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  • Women's Art and Craft Show - March 2021
  • Doreen LaScola Encaustics - April 2021
  • Donald Beal Photography - May 2021
  • Artful Friends Raffle - June 2021
  • Maureen Ridge - July 2021
  • Linda Early - August 2021
  • Hispanic Heritage Month - September 2021
  • Janet McDonald Photography - October 2021
  • Photography of Edward Rollins - November 2021
  • Gingerbread Houses - December 2021
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