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Exhibitions and Displays

The Library welcomes the opportunity to provide local artists the opportunity to exhibit their works to the general public.  Exhibits include a wide range of media and content thus reflecting the diversity and the vibrancy of the artistic community in Southbridge and Central Massachusetts.

Current Exhibitions and Displays

July's Exhibit

The Jacob Edwards library is pleased to host the work of local artist Lauria Tiberii for the month of July.  This month, we look at sixteen paintings in the acrylic medium, painted by Lauria over the past two years. Due to the closure of the Library, Lauria's work will be featured on the JEL Facebook page throughout the month. Lauria will be back to exhibit her work in person in July 2022.

This exhibition will be available in digital format at the Library's Facebook page.
 Venice, Italy
Lauria Tiberii. "Venice, Italy." 2020. Acrylic on canvas. 16" x 20". $400. 
Artist Biography:
I was born and brought up in Southbridge, and live here still, with my husband, Fred. We have two daughters: Ana Dougherty and her husband, Craig who have three daughters, Emilia, Grace and Alysa; and Dr. Natalie Stanley and her husband Jesse.

I've always had a natural talent to draw; even as a child, I remember making my own paper dolls, and always had some creative cover pages for book reports, and great illustrations in my notebooks! By the time I started high school, I had heard of Christine O'Brien, an accomplished and well-respected artist, who lived locally and who was giving art classes in her home. I expressed an interest in this and my parents generously obliged! So, I took lessons from Christine at her studio L'Átelier Christinethrough my high school years, and it was she who told me about the Worcester Art Museum School. She was kind enough to write a letter of recommendation for application and I was accepted. While at the Museum School, I majored in fine art, when most of my classmates were studying commercial art. I don't regret that decision, even though I have not made a living from my art. However, I have created many commissioned works over the years, many being pet portraits which seem to be my forte lately. I also paint "welcome" slates, which can be hung outside on your home. I do most of my painting in the summer, since my "studio" is a 3-season porch and has fabulous natural light. I work with acrylic since my time and space is limited, and this media best for me. Christine taught me how to paint with acrylics in an "oil style" since acrylics are generally used for contemporary or hard-edge work; it was quite a challenge to try to paint landscapes and portraits with them. But, I think I've mastered it and now I can't imagine using anything else.

Many years ago I exhibited some of my work in local art shows, but this is my first solo exhibition, I hope you enjoy it.

Artist Statement:
My art brings me joy, relaxation and a great sense of accomplishment; especially after a particularly challenging piece.   I become very attached to my paintings, even those that are commissioned or gifts. The feeling I get while I'm painting is almost magical, like something else is guiding my hand, and I'm usually pleased with the result. I take pride in my work and if others can get enjoyment from my paintings, that is a bonus!

Upcoming Exhibitions

  • DiBonaventura Family Show (August)
  • Hispanic Heritage Month, Featuring the Work of ARTE New England (September)
  • Joe Smith (October)
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