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Exhibitions and Displays

The Library welcomes the opportunity to provide local artists the opportunity to exhibit their works to the general public.  Exhibits include a wide range of media and content thus reflecting the diversity and the vibrancy of the artistic community in Southbridge and Central Massachusetts.

Current Exhibitions and Displays

February's Exhibit

William Bullard Photographic Collection
 curated by Frank Morrill 

       William Bullard. Circa 1900. "May Johnson, near her home at
1 Winfield Street."

The Jacob Edwards Library is pleased to host 
William Bullard Photographic Collection
 curated by Frank Morrill 

Throughout the month of February, in celebration of Black History Month, another part of the Bullard collection will be on exhibit. Through some good luck, retired teacher Frank Morrill had the opportunity to buy this significant historical collection of a uniquely rare treasure trove of glass plate negatives of African Americans/Native Americans in Worcester. Over the past two years, other selections from the collection were displayed. This year's virtual exhibit will display many portraits that have never been exhibited in public before.

The negatives are those of the late itinerant photographer William S. Bullard, of Worcester and later North Brookfield, who, between 1894 and 1917, took a vast amount of images of the city's streetscapes, businesses and local residents. Morrill, who has published several books about Worcester and other local communities, purchased the Bullard collection, approximately 5400 glass plates, in 2003 to use in further research focused on Worcester streets and architecture. In 2013 his granddaughter, Hannah, accidently discovered a negative of a person of color that was incorrectly filed and research began that led to this rare historical treasure.

There are approximately 240 images of people of color, mostly living in the Beaver Brook area along Park Avenue within the first four decades of having obtained their freedom. Approximately 80 percent of the portraits were identified by Bullard in his logbook, which is the key to the collection. Morrill and Professor Janette Greenwood of Clark University have researched the identified Bullard sitters since 2014 and have discovered a large number of descendants, many of whom had never seen a photo of, or knew the history of, their ancestors.

This exhibition will be available in digital format at the Library's Facebook page.

Upcoming Exhibitions

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  • Doreen LaScola Encaustics - April 2021
  • Donald Beal Photography - May 2021
  • Artful Friends Raffle - June 2021
  • Maureen Ridge - July 2021
  • Linda Early - August 2021
  • Hispanic Heritage Month - September 2021
  • Janet McDonald Photography - October 2021
  • Photography of Edward Rollins - November 2021
  • Gingerbread Houses - December 2021
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