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Exhibitions and Displays

The Library welcomes the opportunity to provide local artists the opportunity to exhibit their works to the general public.  Exhibits include a wide range of media and content thus reflecting the diversity and the vibrancy of the artistic community in Southbridge and Central Massachusetts.

Current Exhibitions and Displays

October's Exhibit
Dale Monette

 Dale has spent 3 years with many thousands of hours on the 82,000 acre Quabbin Reservoir watershed in central MA photographing wildlife.

See what Monette and his camera saw, from eagles and loons to otters, bears and more, along with scenic views of the 18-mile-long Reservoir.

Monette is an expert in the nature and history of the Quabbin; he worked 25 years as an educator and a naturalist at the Quabbin Reservoir. 

Upcoming Exhibitions

  • Leslie Tracy (November)
  • Gingerbread Houses (December)
  • John Ferrara (January)
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