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Exhibitions and Displays

The Library welcomes the opportunity to provide local artists the opportunity to exhibit their works to the general public.  Exhibits include a wide range of media and content thus reflecting the diversity and the vibrancy of the artistic community in Southbridge and Central Massachusetts.

Current Exhibitions and Displays

November's Exhibit

K.Sew Products
by Kathryn Sotar

pillow set
Kathryn Sotar / Pillow set #1 / 10/28/2020 / repurposed denim and canvas, linen, synthetic pillow fill / 20”x 20” decorative pillows / $100 for the set of 3

The Jacob Edwards Library is pleased to present the work of local artist Kathryn Sotar, owner and operator of K.Sew Products. This digital exhibition will feature numerous unique pieces from Kathryn's collection. Tune into the Library's Facebook page each weekday for posts!

Artist Statement:
For the past 5 years, K.Sew Products has provided contract, custom and creative sewing services for their beloved clients.  This collection has given K.Sew's owner and operator, Kathryn Sotar, the opportunity to embrace the "creative" aspect of her business and utilize her sewing skills in order to create an affordable range of quality common items made in unique ways.  Kathryn hopes to promote the use of repurposed materials, emphasizing the idea that it sometimes benefits us to "think inside the box" by using what we already have.
Style, originality and comfort are all equally important concepts to Kathryn. Inspired by her Japanese heritage as well as modern trends, different cultures and the environment around her, she believes that fun pillows are part of what makes a house a home. WIth this collection she is keen on including all of you by providing customizable pillow and banner options.  These items would make truly one-of-a-kind gifts to loved ones, or yourself.  She urges you to look beyond the mediocre picture quality and imagine what these items would look like in your own home.

Kathryn Sotar is a quirky Southbridge resident and life long member of the Jacob Edwards Library.  She is a graduate of UMASS Amherst with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing.  When she is not working in her solar powered sewing workshop, Kathryn enjoys traveling, reading, sitting on the ground, live music, yoga, bullet journalling, hanging out with her cat Jody and going on hikes with her pup Reggie. 

Inspired by her parents' entrepreneurial spirit,  K.Sew Products was founded in 2015, the name of which is a play on her high school nickname, K.So.   K.Sew's sewing services began by producing cushions for Hoyt Running Chairs and remains their proud outfitters to this day. With a focus on quality products and locally sourced & sustainable materials, K.Sew Products now has a growing client list and is pursuing the goal of creating their own in-house products.

Kathryn would like to thank her parents Nick & Yuri, her sister Anna, Hoyt Running Chairs, Victory Project, her supportive friends, her sewing helpers Marioly and Fiona, as well as Margaret and Stephanie at Jacob Edwards Library for this opportunity.

Facebook: K.Sew Products
Instagram: ksewproducts, midori.heights

This exhibition will be available in digital format at the Library's Facebook page.

Upcoming Exhibitions

  • Winter Wonderland (December)
  • Kim Gallipeau Bridgeo - Fiber Arts (January 2021)
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